Kiosk Terminals - Product - Simplicity

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Selfie Pay

Product Description

  • Dimensions (head)
  • 743mm (h)
  • 448mm (w)
  • 466mm (d)
  • Dimensions (base)
  • 810mm (h) 1553 (combined)
  • 448mm (w)
  • 520mm (d)

A unique enclosure, in our range, which is designed to allow for flexible options when it comes to handling payments. The intelligence lies in its head unit, which incorporates cashless card payment, bar code scanning and thermal printing. The face of the unit is made from glass, with a 19" integrated touch panel. The head unit is powered by a micro PC, available with Intel i3, i5 or i7 processors and a multitude of configurations.

As an additional option, there is the pedestal. The head unit can be fixed to the pedestal, creating a free standing unit. This also enables cash handling systems, in the form of notes and coins, both cash IN and cash OUT

Quick Option Reference Guide

Web Camera, Thermal Receipt 60 / 80mm, Magnetic & Smart Card Reader, Numeric Pin Pad, RFID, Flight Case, Wireless, Cash Accepter, Coin Validator, Coin Recycler Coin Hopper, Cash Note recycler

Quick Technical Specifications

Manufactured from Steel, Polyester Powder Coat Scratch Resistance Paint, Wiring Harness, Key & Electronic coded locking door handle, Packaging, 4 Rubber Base Feet.

  • Kiosk Terminals, Bill Payment Terminals, APP Model


  • Kiosk Terminals, Bill Payment Terminals, D8 Model


  • Kiosk Terminals, Bill Payment Terminals, VFS Model